Cece Coakley – Cliché

We all yearn for that classic romantic movie romance, be it like The Notebook, Titanic or even 50 First Dates. After watching anyone of those movies we’ll often wish we could have that romantic tale, the huge gestures of love, the disapproving parents/family, big adventures that lead to the passionate kiss or any other number of typical romantic movie tropes. We all want that movie romance and that’s what CeCe Coakley’s debut single is all about, finding someone who makes you feel like you’re having those grand moments all the time, even if they might not be appropriate for your typical movie goer (gotta keep it PG after all).

Cliché goes over all these tropes with a fine tooth comb and comes out with lyrics so sweet they’ll end up giving you a cavity. Her vocal dances across a fine line, going from powerful emotive moments that will make you want to throw your arms back and scream about being king of the world, to delicate moments that make you want to share a Lady and the Tramp spaghetti meal together. It’s as cheesy as it can get whilst remaining firmly routed into the ground, managing to find a common ground that makes the movie romance feel all the more real with your special scene partner.

Must Read