KAHLLA – Rearview Mirror

The Belgian psychotherapist Esther Perel once said, “trust is a leap of faith,” and this deeply resonated with the KAHLLA and lead to the creation of the Rearview Mirror, the ethereal closer of her EP Time. Having had her trust badly betrayed, she transforms her vulnerable state of mind into an authentic experience for people to seek solace in through her comforting and soothing lyrics. As our late night crying session goes on and the tears pour down our face, she calmly lulls us into a blissful state by crooning through her lullaby styled melodies that you can never truly know the future or what happened within your past, so why not just drive on into the unknown without fear?

The incandescent production lights up the night through an intimate soundscape of muted drum loops and somber piano keys, that easily get the water works flowing, as we build up to an orchestral finale that her celestial vocal pierces through like a headlight in the night. Interlaced with an emotive story that weaves a solemn narrative and an emotional intuitiveness that brings it to life, this introspective track sees KAHLLA close off her latest EP in pure style.

“Rearview Mirror was inspired by psychotherapist Esther Perel. In one of her podcast episodes she said: trust is a leap of faith. That deeply resonated with me at the time, as my trust had just been badly betrayed and I was reevaluating many aspects of my life, including how I could ever trust again. Ultimately, the message of the song is that you can’t prepare for whatever hurt may come. You have to accept that you can never truly know the past nor the future.”

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