Ori Rose – Casey


Ori Rose is a self proclaimed zero hit wonder, however after listening to his previous single A.S.A.G you’ll be scratching your head wondering how he hasn’t already gotten into the charts. He’s like the pop equivalent of Leonardo DiCaprio getting his Oscar, you’re baffled that they haven’t got that recognition and applauds sooner but when it happens you know you’re going to be savouring that moment for all its worth. Well DiCaprio’s moment came from Revenant and Rose’s time might arrive soon with his latest pop bop Casey being a summer anthem in the making, seriously get this on your Heat Wave playlist ASAP.

Driving down the coast with this blaring out your speakers, with the scintillating production of upbeat melodic 808s letting the good vibes flow and his zealous vocal filled with the charismatic charm of a Disney prince, it’s hard not to label this as one of the songs of the summer. The utterly infectious number radiates a wonderful jubilance that matches the heat of the sun before bringing you back down to earth through his lyrical narrative. Ori Rose, the man who is pop royalty in the making.

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