CyberGirlfriend – katie marie

The indie pop duo CyberGirlfriend create music for the outcasts of the world, the ones who never felt like they belonged or said a commonplace thing but burned brighter than the sun within our solar system. katie marie is a testament to this with them yearning to be anyone but themselves in their not-so-inclusive suburban town, looking towards the stereotypical prom queen with who every guy wants to date and lives in a pristine bubble of joy, you get the idea. The narrative alone already invites you to relive your childhood struggles of wanting to fit in, but their angst driven adolescent movie soundtrack sound amplifies this message to where you’ll soon find yourself screaming your high school’s own Katie Marie.

This is a vast departure from their usually bubbly happy-go-lucky pop sound, but it’s hard not to embrace this change because they’ve done it with expert precision. I mean the story alone easily trumps any of Netflix’s recent teen movies (we’re looking at you Tall Girl and Kissing Both) but it’s the authenticity and underlying message of being yourself that makes this so enticing. As the old quote goes, why blend in when you were born to stand out?

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