There’s an indescribable charm that radiates like the sun from COLETON RUBIN’s latest release Zebra that is mystically euphonic. His minimalistic production, comprising of elegantly crafted guitar plucking patterns and whisper like drums, brings you into his world as he delivers a masterclass in songwriting with his poetic lyrics, which could win the Pulitzer Prize, at the crux of it all. If you’ve yet to hear his music, this heartfelt introduction will have you enamoured by his artistic vision and leave you crying into your pillow through the night, especially with lyrics like, “I can’t seem to nail down why you never want me around / A little death by a thousand miniature cuts.”

This heartbreakingly beautiful and atmospherically enchanting track is a sonic treat that ushers you into his solemn world of authentic tales and allows us to relive our painful experiences and grow from them as a result. He lets you take it all in and then helps you let it all go, his music is like breathing for the soul.

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