Jacob Biermann – Red


At 16 years of age the Gold Coast teen Jacob Biermann has me questioning how someone so young has crafted a pop song so perfectly. His debut My Kingdom gave us a brief insight into his talent two years ago and now, in one swift motion, he’s blown all expectations people had for him out of the water through his sensitive, empathetic and downright smooth songwriting style. Seriously if you’re looking for an Australian pop act who could go head to head with the likes of Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, Jon Bellion and easily hold his own then you need to dive head first into his latest single.

Red cements him as one to watch, with a sublime vocal dancing across a blossoming production of somber electronics before the hook arrives and will refuse to leave your head for weeks to come. His lyrical storytelling draws inspiration from the world around him as he crafts a narrative that resonates with his listeners in a way that is ridiculously impressive for someone so young. He’s a star in the making and it doesn’t take much to realise how talented he is, all you have to do is hear him sing.

“Red represents anger and frustration. I wanted this song to tell a story about someone who is going through a difficult time whilst trying hard to let others know how they are really feeling, then having those thoughts and feelings dismissed. The song represents people going through hard times, feeling like they are not being listened to and how others observe and question their validity.”

Must Read