SHEIVA – Spacejam


It’s musicians like SHEIVA that make music discovery so exciting. This artist doesn’t follow the usual trends that we’ve seen become apparent in the music world, instead they blaze their own trail into the unknown to stand out from the crowd with their unorthodox musical stylings. With just a pair of headphones to hand, they’ll teleport you somewhere strange and new that you never want to leave in their debut single Spacejam as they marry their surreal soundscape with vivid imaginative lyricism. It’s powerful whilst being simple and poetic whilst being uplifting, it’s just magical and has ridiculously high replay value. Seriously I’ve had on repeat ever since I first heard it.

This debut welcomes you into their multiverse, a universe in which possibilities are endless and imagination can take you anywhere your heart desires. Sure Spacejam was a great movie and rebooted movie, but this is the only type of Spacejam I’ll be listening to from now on.

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