Dirtsa – Give It Right Back


With a quill that matches Shakespeare in the way she weaves open hearted narratives of trial, tribulations and tragedy, the Franco-Cameroonian artist Dirtsa is a natural wordsmith. Having already shown off her lyrical wordplay that invited us into her past (Sic Parvis Magna) or showcasing her raw intellectual capacity along with her passion (Meghan Markle), this artist doesn’t pull any punches. She’s become a rapidly growing name in her home country of France and is now ready to take on the world as she welcomes us deeper into her multifaceted soundscape.

Give It Right Back artfully portrays how fragile love can be, one person can be giving their all to the relationship whilst the other couldn’t care less and the end result is one person being broken and the other moving on. It’s a painful experience that is portrayed effortlessly through Dirtsa’s natural fervent passion and ability to make her pain so authentic that you often feel like you’re witnessing that aftermath of the break up first hand. However there is an inkling of hope that comes from growth, being able to eliminate the pain from your heart, smile and become happy once again. Healing your heart takes time but Dirtsa will make it easier for all involved.

“This song is about how fragile love can be. Such an intense connection and feeling with someone else but there lies so much fragility there at the same time. On one hand everything clicks and make sense, it’s good and thrilling and so beautifully raw. And on the other, together you have to make it through time and everything that comes with it and it just not so easy. This was me reflecting on that and sadly for me it was a one way kind of attraction since in the end, after all the good that came with it since I was the one giving more whole heartedly and I didn’t realize how fragile it would end up being. So it broke my heart when it ended but it had to. I grew a lot from this and when I sing this song now, I’m at peace. I really do think it’s a beautiful piece and when I sing it I no longer hurt, I smile because I’ve grown and it okay.”

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