Mackenzie Leighton – Un jour la vie


It makes sense that in her spare time the Paris based musician Mackenzie Leighton works as a florist because her music is a ray of sunshine that radiates this beautiful joy that would make any flower go from wilting to blossoming in mere seconds. Originally born in a small seaside town in Maine, she made the leap back in 2017 and travelled to Paris alone with just her guitar in hand to help expand her musical horizons and, just like a seed, she sprouted and soaked up all the knowledge she could. It wasn’t long before she became a favourite in the Parisian scene with her expanding her intimate folk roots with a rich contemporary soundscape that brought a subtle flair to her work and now she’s dropped her very first French language single.

Un jour la vie is simply magical, when you think of songs to soundtrack your long walks across open fields during the first few days of spring as the world begins to flourish around you, this is exactly that. Her uplifting vocal effortlessly puts a smile upon your face with the jubilant melodies backing her up, giving off a whimsical vibe in the process that fills you up with her happy-go-lucky charm. If you’re looking for something to add a bit of pep in your step and brighten up any overcast day then dive head first into her serotonin boosting sound.

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