ill peach – GUM


After realising that Jess Corazza couldn’t support herself as a professional cowgirl and Pat Morrissey experiencing burnout in professional tap dancing competitions, the pair decided to start writing songs for other musicians. They soon found themselves collaborating with the likes of Pharrell Williams, Big Freedia, Icona Pop and SZA, to name a few, before deciding, after spending so much time telling other people’s stories, it was time for the world to get to know who they are. Now they’re stepping out from the shadows and into the spotlight under the name ill peach as they create gritty pieces of expressive pop that has an aura around it which radiate star quality.

One listen to their latest single GUM and you’ll be ready to make a stan account because this is pop glory at its finest. Their distorted pop landscape finds this uncut beauty in the undefined, they break the clean cut facade of regular pop and embrace the coarse edges, cracks and flaws that their raw unorthodox pop sound creates, finding a euphonic bliss within all of it that is hard to ignore. It’s a bombastic number that is impossible to forget and will linger in the back of my mind for weeks to come as I belt out the track’s intoxicating hook every time I have a shower. Sticking to us like a piece of GUM, ill peach aren’t going anywhere any times soon and already to become your next pop crush.

GUM is about 2 kids in a diner, who go there to dream big.  It was inspired by ‘Hard Times Cafe’  in Minneapolis. A legendary 24 hour diner. Life is like a piece of gum. Once it loses its flavor you spit it out and pop in a new piece.”

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