Sunshine Boysclub – Patience


Today is officially the first day of summer here in the UK, the sun is out, the beers are flowing, the European Football Championship is on and we’ve got the perfect track to kick it all off with a bang. Sunshine Boysclub, otherwise known as Sam Martin the lead singer of Youngblood Hawke, kicks off his solo career with the release of a summer anthem that is bursting with life through a colourful production that is as sunny as an island in the pacific. Yes, with one listen to Patience, you’ll go from seeing the world in black and white to vivid technicolour with all the vibrant glory that this flamboyant number offers.

The animated track is best described as an amalgamation of the nostalgically ladened yet whimsically upbeat production of MGMT and Empire of the Sun and the piercing vocal heroics of Tame Impala, what’s not to love about that? However this is soon contrasted by the lyrics that reflect upon his journey with depression, not scrimping on the details he finds the light within the dark moments and remarks on how far he’s come from when it first began. Rich with life, this will put a smile on your face and begin the summer of your dreams.

“I wrote ‘Patience’ from a positive and healthy vantage point, reflecting back on my journey with depression. When you’re low, you feel like you’ll be stuck that way forever. The world just seems to lose a bit of its magic. But that’s just not the case. The clouds always pass. ‘Patience’ was written as a reminder to myself that if I ever ended up in that place again, it will surely pass. This song is about enjoying both the highs and lows and making each of those journeys useful. Sometimes you have to crawl around in the dark for a while to come up with light. I have to be grateful for all of it because it’s trying to teach me something about myself.”

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