rouri404 – narcissist

Blending hyper pop with the rapid resurgence of pop punk, rouri404 comes out with a truly explosive track that makes an instant impact with the angst-filled eruptive nature of his volatile production. His recent EP aíma has literally no skips, with high replay value each track grabs a hold of you and refuses to let you go back in the mundane world until you’ve discovered every sonic detail of this explosive world he’s crafted. With an experimental flair within his warped dystopia inspired soundscape, rouri404 becomes a hero for the outcasts of the world who never felt like they belong as he continues to shine like a the spoils of a greedy magpie.

Diving in the fever dream of cacophony inducing electronics clashing with the raw passionate guitars propelling his emotionally invigorating vocal to new heights, narcissist is the type of song that is near impossible to get off repeat. The frenzied affair never stops as it takes you on a rollercoaster ride of wild twists and turns as it sonically shifts between the multifaceted soundscapes, by the time you reach the end you’ll be begging to go for one last ride. A stand out track from a stand out EP.

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