Shushu – Something You Don’t Need To Know


Sometimes there are these beautiful moments in music where you listen to a track for the first time and you’re left utterly speechless. Time around you stops as the hypnotic melodies wrap themselves around your body, causing you to be immobile and completely one with the euphonic sound. I got to experience this recently when I stumbled across the Chinese producer, songwriter and all around talented musician Shushu who’s track Something You Don’t Need To Know was a sonic masterclass. Being part of an era of artistic eclecticism, she often explores and experiments with many genres that makes her sound so rich, be it the soundtracks from Don Hertzfeldt’s movies to Lil Peep’s ambiences, if she likes it she’s going to play with it.

The euphonic affair features a magical production that makes you feel as if you’re walking through an enchanted forest with the hyper pop influenced electronics blending the authentic strings, forming a union that every music fan will find something to love in it. The dreamy atmosphere gives the poetically inclined lyrics elegant glide over it all with her distinct vocal tone piercing through and shattering all expectations you could have for this rising musician. This is just the beginning of a rather special artist.

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