RYMAN – Rewind

With a colourful soundscape that matches his sunny disposition and blithe lyrical stylings, the Nashville native RYMAN came out of the gates swinging in 2021 like Anthony Joshua with the unveiling of his debut track Rewind. The jovial number was a taste of what was to come with his follow up single Crying Wolf having the aura surrounding it of a modern Billy Joels styled Piano Man. He poised himself for a year where his music would take flight, reaching the peaks of Everest and giving nod backs to classical musical storytelling legends like The Beatles and Bob Dylan whilst keeping his own distinct Gen Z flair. This 17 year old Wunderkind is ready for great things and his debut EP shows us all that instantly.

Rewind opens with his first two singles before diving into fresh territory with You’re Too Cool feeling like a modern Lily Allen number with the playful array of bubbling synths and cheeky lyrics, both easily putting a smile upon my face. The follow up Honey is a more somber number that plays on the emotive tone of his vocal whilst giving his intimate narrative styling a chance to shine, seriously listening to this makes you feel like you’re at the climax of a modern coming of age tv show drama. The grand finale is Reassurance, starting off soft like a whisper it builds to an almighty cinematic climax filled with high flying vocals, blossoming synths and a compelling lyrical narrative that is just the cherry on top. A strong start to what looks like a stellar year for this new artist.

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