Orchid – Doe Eyes


Amid an array of scattered flourishing electronics, addictive pop hooks, charismatic vocals and over the top performance style lies the Iranian-British musician Orchid, who’s experimental pop soundscape is best described as a consistently shapeshifting bombastic Cartoon Network fever dream… and I loved every moment of it. Doe Eyes is off the walls crazy with the fervent array of explosive synths clashing with her expressive vocal to create an eruptive landscape of bliss filled cacophony. This newcomer is letting everyone know she’s here for the long haul as she slips into the world of hyper pop with more of mainstream appeal that sets her up to become a rapidly rising star of the British underground scene.

The self-proclaiming fuck girl anthem has high replay value with her vibrant vocal complimenting the catchy melodies that see this ear worm of track becoming a booming car anthem. Add the Y2K visual aesthetic to this chaotic affair of madness and you’ve got something that makes the Mad Hatter seem like a functional member of society. A truly crazy affair that demands your attention.

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