anotherboy – For Your Eyes

New Jersey based musician anotherboy crafts emotionally ladened landscapes of bubbling indie pop with a few hyper pop sensibilities and subtle rock undertones that accentuate the sonic portrait he paints of love, heartbreak and everything in-between. He’s able to craft anthemic numbers that make you feel like the main character in your own movie whilst also offering heart felt mementos for you to cherish, but is also able to make you lose yourself in your emotions through an intimate soundscape that amplifies his heart wrenchingly beautiful lyrics. If you’re a fan of The 1975, LAUV or LANY then you’ll fall head over heels for his euphonic synth pop sound.

Today he’s dropped For Your Eyes, a sweet idyllic electronic pop number that could easily feature at the end of any modern coming of age movie as the characters go their separate ways and into the sunset to start a new chapter. The flourishing electronics build up a euphoric atmosphere that his intimate lyrics contrast perfectly, forming a bittersweet experience that makes you want to dance and cry your eyes out to. What makes anotherboy special is he’s never afraid to speak from the heart and this number demonstrates this effortlessly.

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