IMOGEN – Bloodbag


Expressing her inner anguish of her mind and body falling out of kilter through her theatrical performance styling, IMOGEN artfully depicts her battle with adversity and empowering fight back that saw her rise like a phoenix from the ashes. The Newcastle based musician went through a turbulent time where after surgery she had to re-learn how to walk, putting her mind and body at odds with one another. This chaotic ordeal lead to the birth of her latest single Bloodbag, an inspiring number that takes her complicated feelings and comeback story to create one of her best tracks to date.

The frenzied affair carries a strong sense of theatricality that is reminiscent of FKA Twigs with a seismic percussion, chaotically turbulent synths and a brooding brass section providing the perfect canvas for her celestial vocal to paint across and form a masterpiece of sonic brilliance. The lyrics capture her inner pain whilst venturing out to greener pastures, showing how this will not hold her down as she fights back to exact vengeance and become who she was once again. It’s an empowering number that is only amplified further by the cinematic music video, directed by Harv Frost, that uses her traumatic experience and turns it into a rather thrilling exorcism. IMOGEN is back and better than ever.

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