Bess Atwell – All You Can Do


Most artist’s songs come out from their own experiences where they recount to us what has happened and allow unleash their emotions in a moment of catharsis or pure jubilation, depending on the tale. However the upcoming musician Bess Atwell bases her emotionally rich songwriting talents on her own musings, contemplating issues regarding life, death, love and plethora of other subject matters. She asks the questions we nervously avoid to maintain control of our already turbulent lives, making her music as introspective as it can get and before too long you’ll soon find her music posing you questions that will have ruminate in your mind for weeks to come.

With her Lana Del Rey-esque vocal, All You Can Do is a sophisticated yet darkly twisted ballad that gives the folk world she’s crafted a subtle rock undertone to make her evocative vocal majestically soar. The intense nature of the production captures the heart wrenching theme of the piece, living in guilt for so long that you realise it’s time to stop blaming yourself and go for someone else who’s made you feel this way. Raw in every way, Bess Atwell will take you on a journey that will have you become emotionally invested within her own development as a person and proud to see she’s reclaiming control in one empowering swoop.

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