BEL – Isn’t It Romantic

Melding together the sonic landscapes of indie and folk, the Clovis born musician BEL pairs her emotionally evocative soundscape that fuels her halcyon vocal with introspective lyrics with a poetic undertone that is reminiscent of Jeff Buckley in his early years. Her introspective songwriting interlaces her authentic retelling of past events through an honest lens with an emotional maturity that never makes anything feel forced within her storytelling. Each poignant statement she delivers radiates an undying passion to emotionally connect with the listener whilst letting them know her sonic world is a place where you can set free your emotions without the fear of being judged. She’s an unfiltered voice who demands your attention.

Written following a break up, Isn’t It Romantic depicts the end of a relationship with the kaleidoscopic world she’s crafted capturing the intense yet playful nature of this moment of her life. Her flourishing vocal is the highlight with her luscious tone carrying the emotional weight of the track as the somber production of booming guitar riffs and a thumping angst filled percussion build the perfect foundation for her story to be told. It’s 3 minutes and 46 seconds of BEL pouring her heart out to us and we’re lapping up every moment of it.

“After going through a breakup last year, I wrote this song through a sort of dramatic lens with some tongue-in-cheek lyrics because it really just felt so intense and silly at the same time. It’s about the in-between period when you don’t have the closure you want and you’re still really missing the person and their family and friends. I think no matter what side of the break you’re on, it takes a lot of willpower not to pick up the phone and act like everything is still normal.”

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