Cherie Amour – Burn


The pop punk genre has received a mighty resurgence over the past year with countless artists adding their own unique flair to the iconic genre. Whilst most focussed on adding a bit of pop or just a fresh electronic element, the band Cherie Amour have gone the full nine yards with them fusing together a plethora of different soundscapes to form something completely their own. Amalgamating post-hardcore’s heavy guitar riffs, hip hop inspired beats, slick R&B lyrical stylings and a pop punk chorus that launches anyone who beholds it into a frenzy of energetic bedroom singing. Summer’s just around the corner, festivals are beginning to take place again and these guys need to be featured in some lineups.

Their debut single Burn is an anthem, genuinely it’s pure fire that has had me hitting replay over and over again since it came out. Dissecting his own existing flaws that’ve lead to him causing issues that he instantly regretted, the lead singer Trey Miller delivers a commanding high flying vocal performance that glides over the multifaceted soundscape with absolute ease. The productions is as raw as it comes with it packing a punch so powerful that Floyd Mayweather would be jealous of it and the horror film inspired is the cherry on top, or in the video’s case clown on top. No wonder their debut is called Burn because this track is scorching hot.

“We actually started working on this song in the spring of 2019 and it’s really the first song that got me started on being more vulnerable and examining my flaws in my lyrics. I’ve been in situations where stress caused me to say things out of anger, things I’ve immediately regretted and sometimes was too prideful to admit were wrong. It’s cool to look back at the lyrics and see how this song was really a catalyst to my personal healing/growth process.”

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