dexter – Blue Skies


If you’re from the UK then you’ll know how dexter, AKA 18 year old Charmaine from South West London, got a lot of hype built up around her mysterious persona from a few tracks she released last year which were entirely created and recorded on her phone. Despite the low quality recording, her raw individual talent and deeply personal songwriting shone through as she soon got picked up by BBC Radio One’s Annie Mac and became of the most hotly talked about talents in the UK’s music scene. Now armed with a new MacBook, microphone and the backing from creative incubator Common Knowledge, dexter is ready to step out from behind the hidden anonymity and become a house hold name, all whilst completing her A Levels.

Blue Skies is a must for any summer playlist with the hazy bedroom pop soundscape with little flecks of alternative jazz flourishing together, blossoming into a dazzling number that is sugar coated with her delicate vocal gliding over the honey drizzled production. Her natural warmth contrasts her raw lyrics regarding the melancholia of adolescence that will easily strike a chord with many of her loyal listeners and form an intimate emotional bond that is simply unbreakable. The skies the limit for dexter who looks like she could be a true force to be reckoned with and a star in the making.

“Blue Skies was written in one day with my producer Dom Valentino. It was the last day of February, and it was a really cold and grey day. Dom started playing a guitar loop over and over, and it sounded really Summery – so I started thinking about how maybe when it was April and May and the sun and flowers were out, I’d feel happier too, so that’s where the lyrics came from. Those are my friends with me in the video – when we shot it we were worried it would be grey, but it was so Sunny.”

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