Gabe Coulter – Thinking Fucks You Up


Gabe Coulter’s debut single Thinking Fucks You Up is best experienced with a group of your closest friends on a road trip together where you belt out the chorus in unison and forget all about your worries back home. This grand pop track is a true anthem that goes from dramatic low verses to a high flying euphoria inducing chorus that lets you unleash your pain out into the world in a cathartic scream. That’s what makes his music so personal though, he sees music as a way to let people know how he truly feels and, as a result, make other people’s voices heard in the process through his universal take on personal feelings.

He bares his soul to us before hitting us with a devastating emotional blow that will have you reeling and resonating with the narrative he weaves. Despite only being in his early 20’s, Gabe Coulter is crafting timeless music with themes that will be relatable for centuries to come as he artfully dives into his own subconscious to make us all feel less alone. It’s emotive pop with an almighty edge that always stays true to the sentiment he wishes to convey.

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