Bums – Taxicab


High school youth music collective Bums kicked off their musical journey back in the summer of 2020, I’m sure the pandemic helped with that, and since then they’ve grown into a force to be reckoned with who’re taking over the Richmond scene. Creating hip hop ear candy with clever lyrical wit that sees them ingeniously weave together their past experiences over an addictive beat that instantaneously catches your attention before filling it to the brim with a youthful abundance of chaotically masterful energy. Give these guys a beat and without batting an eye they’ll transform it into fresh off-kilter track that’ll be in your heavy rotation.

Their latest single Taxicab doesn’t featuring a hard-hitting energetic production, but it doesn’t need it with the choral of members all providing high amounts of energy makes it near impossible to not get hyped up to it. They don’t hero one particular member either, each individual gets a chance to shine, be it through their slick dynamic flow over the crisp production, unorthodox vocals that deliver an ear worm of a hook or just adding their own jubilant personality to the mix. Whilst Bums have only been going for little over a year now, I’m fairly certain that this taxicab will be taking them straight to the Grammy’s in the near future.

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