goth gf – xo


The word ‘boyband’ is often seen as an ugly word in the independent music scene. Many artists avoid it like the plague due to the negative connotations that are attached to it, but the bedroom boyband duo from the west coast goth gf wear it as a badge of honour with their playful brand of alternative pop carrying a wistful air of nostalgia that screams 80’s pop icon. Formed by songwriter Zach DeGaetano and music director Carter Vaughan during a tour with Tate McRae, if you’re a fan of the likes of LANY or joan then you need to dive into their scintillating debut that is makes you want to belt it out to the person you love.

Vibrantly colourful and optimistically uplifting with a buoyant rhythm that will effortlessly but a pep in your step, the track xo is a coruscating pop number that features an array of lush harmonies, loved up lyrics and enticing hooks that you’ll be humming for weeks on end. This near perfect piece of synth pop will pull at your heart strings with the sweet narrative on display about the little things that make you fall head over heels for someone, “You shove your hands in my pockets when you’re cold / You know / I don’t mind.” With one track goth gf have produced something that will have everyone swooning for them.

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