Katzin – Getaway

With the music world entering a digital era of computerised electronics, glitched out soundscapes and clear cut digitised productions, there is something undeniably refreshing when listening to newcomer Katzin. The phrase ‘darkest before the dawn’ is the perfect way to describe his music, he transcribes the dark moments of his life into authentically raw pieces of poignantly crafted music that allows you to embrace your inner pain with a sweet cathartic release at the end of it all. Beyond the high replay value of his enticing melodies and his addictive hooks lies a story that can be followed like your favourite TV show, patiently waiting for what happens next as it all plays out within your mind.

Getaway feels like the final track you’d hear at the end of a coming of age movie where all the characters go there separate ways with the slick guitar riff and deep bass reflecting the somber reality of this moment that his emotive vocal only enhance further. The highlight of this piece however is the narrative he crafts, his elegantly poised poetic lyrics cinematically build up a story about a struggling unrequited love that intimately brings you into Katzin’s headspace during this moment, making you feel the wave of emotions cascading down upon you. This is just the beginning of this insanely talented musician.

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