Frankie Beetlestone – Sober Again


There’s a compellingly fascinating aura that surrounds Frankie Beetlestone’s distinct brand of bedroom pop. Writing and producing all his tracks from his bedroom in Sheffield, the 19 year old has crafted a charming soundscape for his playfully witty lyrics to reside within as the wistful melodies provide a serotonin inducing atmosphere that uplifts all who hear his winsome sound. He’s a candid musician who manages to capture the modern adolescent experience through a brutally honest lens, whilst still maintaining a strong sense of realism that comes along with it. He doesn’t try to masquerade his endeavours as exciting adventures or things you’d tell your mates at the pub, he keeps his songwriting authentic, no skimping over any detail and his debut demonstrates this.

Sober Again is all about that moment after a night out where you wake up with a killer hangover and dramatically declare, “I’m never going to drink again,” only to go out and get wasted later that same day. It’s a stressed out rant wrapped in a sweetly toned production that captures the comedic statements that come with the banging headache, but he also finds those introspective moments that happens as well, little things that ruminate in your mind for a while as the alcohol flushes its way out of your system. Relatable, funny, authentic, poignant and unique, all these words can describe Frankie Beetlestone’s sonic experience and we’ve got no doubt he’ll continue to impress as the years go by.

“This song genuinely just came out of thin air. That’s a proper cliche ‘songwriter’ thing to say but it actually did, so leave me alone. It’s basically just an anxious rant about being 19 and taking too many drugs. The chorus started out as a bit of a joke really. You know when you wake up the next day and you say that you’re “never gonna drink that much ever again”, it was kind of meant to be that dramatic statement.”

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