Emma Bradley – Perfumed by You


Self-taught pianist Emma Bradley never required any form of formal education for her to learn the art of music. The film scores of iconic composers like John Williams and Danny Elfman were all the musical education she needed, replicating the scores by ear she found a home between the compelling visuals, special shout out to Tim Burton, and awe-inspiring scores. This began to make even more sense when she discovered she has Synesthesia (see sound as texture, colour, emotions etc.) which made her musical concoctions of emotive R&B with classical undertones and dreamy blend of alternative textures become something you’d expect to see soundtrack Oscar award winning movies. If you need proof of this then it’s time to dive head first into her glorious debut.

With candid lyrics feeling like they’ve come straight from a diary and an evocative vocal tenderly crooning over a delicate piano, Perfumed by You will soundtrack many a late night crying session. Her unfiltered thoughts spill out over the sonic canvas in a moment of cathartic release, encouraging us all to open up and be more sensitive whilst being true to ourselves in the most honest way imaginable. In a world of self-isolation and overwhelming emotion, Emma Bradley offers a place of comfort where you can unleash it all in a beautiful swirl of cascading emotions and, as a result, feel apart of something once more.

“I wrote ‘Perfumed By You’ in the middle of the night a few years ago. I was at uni and feeling really isolated and like I was fighting with my own head a little bit. It’s about having unrequited feelings for someone and not being able to snap out of it, as if you’re just a bit drunk on it. You are trying to get over them but can’t because everything around you is reminding you of them – like going to places you used to go together or putting on a jumper that smells like them – you can’t escape.” 

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