northxix – bastard

Whilst most artists write music based on their own personal experiences to create an authentic listening experience that sees fans from around the world crying along to their music, Olivia Rodrigo we’re looking at you, the artist northxix has decided to go down a slightly different route with his latest release. Putting on is best award winning fictional author hat, no not JK Rowling, he forms a lyrical narrative in bastard that takes his friend’s experiences surrounding him as inspiration before unleashing it across a feral landscape of rule-breaking anti-pop rebellion. Whilst the story may be fictional, its his raw vocal that brings it all to life as he authentically weaves a compelling narrative that candidly connects you with an unbridled confidence unlike any other as the brooding guitars and eery melodies play on.

Sometimes it’s fun to be the bad guy so feel free to blast this out in any of your ‘inner villain moment’ playlists. With three sensational tracks under his belt, northxix is showing us all the versatility of his soundscape and how he’s anything but a one trick, or in this case one track, pony.

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