STACEY – Strange (But I Like It)


Longing for the golden age of pop music during the 1960’s, the LA based musician STACEY transports us back in time with her nostalgically ladened soundscape of psychedelia infused melodies, which simultaneously give off a heavy flower power vibe, with modern lyrical storytelling to add a contemporary edge. Her album Saturn Return just dropped today and the sonic wonderland is, like a lot of her music, strangely wonderful with the way she slowly invites you to become an inhabitant of her uniquely toned universe that makes you feel less alone in this world of self-isolation. Her velvet textures in this album set her apart from the crowd but there was one single that I was mesmerised by.

Strange (But I Like It) is all about finding your people, the friends who last a life time, the group that makes you no longer feel like an outcast, essentially finding your home away from your home. Featuring a nostalgic 60’s styled music video, this campy affair carries a heartfelt message that STACEY’s halcyon vocal delivers with dazzling precision as she captures the vibrancy and wonder the music of this era gave to a generation. This sun kissed number is charmingly authentic and what makes STACEY such an enchanting musician.

I wanted to tell the story of traveling to a new place on your own, how it can be a bumpy start but eventually, you find your fellow weirdo alien friends and begin to feel at home in yourself and amongst your like-minded community. It represents one of the most pivotal journeys of my Saturn Return.”

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