Inspired by the heavy darker electronic seen in small basement clubs with basslines that reverberate through your body and make your body pulsate to the incessant beat that follows, LVRA has ventured away from her usual ethereal sound to give us something excitingly refreshing. With a Matrix like aesthetic she takes the red pill, or in this case the purple liquid concoction, in GETS ME GOING and enters a surreal landscape of glaring neon lights and strobe lighting effects that take us straight back to the musky clubs lockdown has us craving once more. The effervescent beats mixed with the industrial electronics, that are reminiscent of the hyper pop genre, and her characteristically unorthodox samples only add to the surreal world she’s crafted for us all to witness.

The Edinburgh based future star’s honey drizzled vocals still shine through but the extra grit she’s added to the production gives her sonic identity a colossal punch that has launched her to the next level. From releasing emotionally poignant tracks to animalistic ones like this that launch you into a frenzied dance affair, LVRA is continually showing us why she’s one of Scotland’s most exciting musical exports.

“I love those sweaty basement clubs where you can completely absorb yourself in music surrounded by your friends. I’ve been inspired by a lot of harder, darker electronic music experienced in those places; where the bass frequencies evoke an animalistic reaction and you can allow the music to control your mind and body. ‘Gets Me Going’ is kind of an ode to that music and those spaces, the thrill of that high and the confidence you feel when surrounded by people who share that energy.”

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