emie nathan – upstream


Despite only releasing her debut single noman last month, emie nathan has already proven herself to be one of the most exciting pop acts to emerge in 2021. She has a special aura surrounding her spine tingling yet spiritual soundscape that captures the highs and lows of the human experience, ranging from missing friend and navigating family to tragedy and falling in love, she leaves no stone unturned. Her soul-stirring message on how life can be turbulent and lead us into some dark places that makes us feel like we’re floating away, music will always be our anchor, keeping us grounded and reminding us things will get better. That alone makes her a gem in the UK and USA’s pop crown.

Experiencing an internal battle within herself during one of the worst and best weeks of her life, upstream will make you cherish the moments you have with the people close to you more than you could ever imagine. The soul-searching lyrics cascade down upon you with a waterfall of heart-aching emotion as the evocative tone of her passionate vocal delivers a halcyon performance that is only amplified further by the emotionally charged production. All this builds up to a grand climax that will have you reaching for the tissues, experiencing true melancholia in a moment of catharsis. This just shows that emie nathan is a pop Goliath in the making.

upstream is a reflection of an incredibly polarised mindset I found myself in at the end of 2020. Within the space of 48 hours, I experienced skyrocketing personal highs and plummeting lows. I had a birthday where I turned 24 years old, received news of my Platoon deal and then found out I had lost a family member who I was unable to see in person for the entire year. Going through the sheer emotional rollercoaster of my achievements, celebrations and relief to the crashing and deeply saddening news of loss, I really struggled to know how and what to feel. And even, what was okay to feel. It was quite frankly, one of the best and worst moments of my career to date. Upstream describes the internal battle I had with myself, reckoning with the spectrum of deep seated emotions and searching for a guiltless equilibrium in the depths of grief.

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