The Deep Blue – Jealous Sea

Manchester is currently one of the most exciting places to be if you’re an artist in the UK right now, the iconic city has already produced countless legends and right now, with all the refreshing talent emerging from the abyss of underground venues, the rainy city has become a hub for music once more. One of these up and coming acts is the indie-pop foursome The Deep Blue who’ve already built a name for themselves with their lush three part harmonies, rich vocal tones and evocative storytelling that has many likening them to the likes of HAIM with a bit of Taylor Swift thrown in there. Now they’re ready to make the country know their name as they come out all guns a blazing with their debut single.

Jealous Sea is an ode to keeping your head above water when you’ve lost the love for yourself and would rather be someone else who had their life together. It’s a subject that, in this era of endless scrolling, has become more prominent as of late and they effortlessly get their message across, making us feel those crushing lows before encouraging us to dance freely and remember what makes us so special. The lush instrumentation compliments their celestial harmonies as the looping bassline propels the piece forward and has me grooving along without a care in the world. This is going to feature on many playlists this summer and we highly recommend you keep an eye on these Mancunians.

“You know that feeling: when you’ve lost a little bit of love for yourself and you see that person who has everything you’ve ever wanted. In a world of endless scrolling through the lives of others, it can be difficult to keep your head above the jealous sea; we are all in danger of slipping under. You’re not alone—sometimes we all want to be somebody else. Here’s a song to get you through and dance the green away.”

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