The Vancouver based pop adventurer TITUS BANK began his musical journey back on new years day in 2017 where he took on the ambitious challenge of writing a song every day for the entire year, managing 185. He built a small but loyal following who became enamoured by his rich pop vocal timbre, confident hooks they couldn’t get out their head and his candour that made you feel as if you knew him, despite the fact you never spoke to one another. From there he continued to grow as an artist, crafting seismic pop songs, going into multiple songwriting sessions, collaborating with a plethora of artists and finding who he was in the vast landscape that is the pop world. All that experience has now come together with the release of his Herculean track that signifies a new era for this rising musician.

I Do Yeah is a gargantuan way to introduce the world to your new sound as we open with a slick guitar riff and artful bassline before building up to a mammoth chorus that is best experienced with a group of your closest friends, belting it our word for word in a glorious moment of euphoric relief. Despite the honey drizzled production and rather emphatic chorus, the lyrics thematically detail the ongoing battle we all have with peer pressure and expectations people have on us to change or do things we don’t want to do which his expressive vocal portrays to sheer perfection. You can really bank on TITUS BANK becoming one of the next pop heavy hitters.

“On the one hand, we need to recognize our faults and failures and aim to correct, learn and grow from them. Yet we also can’t let the pressure of how the world wants us to be affect the beautiful messiness and creativity of life. I want to be better, but sometimes I need to let go and be free from myself and what others expect of me.”

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