Miley! – ALT4

Through his multifaceted soundscape the New York based artist Miley! has already delivered a mesmerising cinematic affair that dived deep into his inner turmoil in 21 and a more abrasive number featuring hard-hitting synth melodies, as well as his candid storytelling, in You Make Me Sick. Whilst they differed sonically both of these addictive tracks packed an emotional punch that will leave anyone reeling from the frenzied display of erratic emotion, yeah his lyrical wordplay is that good. He continues to flex his production muscles today as he goes from his usual harsh style to something a bit more calming with a subtle house influence.

ALT4 features a rather whimsical synth production with blossoming electronics carrying this majestic energy, particularly in the chorus, that playfully invites you to join him within this unique landscape he’s crafted. The elegantly crafted melodies provide a simple yet effective backing for Miley’s vocals to bring his evocative lyricisms to life before the production gets its own chance to shine during the final third where we’re greeted by a pulsating bassline, resplendent electronics and a subtle piano melody to tie it all together. Miley! hits it out of the park once again.

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