Jack Miller – 8:45

College student and track star by day and a killer musician at night, New Jersey native Jack Miller is living the Hannah Montana dream right now. Jokes aside, he’s been releasing music for the past year now and has gotten better with each drop as he expands upon his soundscape, experimenting with different production styles, playing around with his vocal arrangement and his lyrical waxes feel all the more raw with his candid portraits of himself. His musicianship is skyrocketing right now and he might’ve hit a new high with his track 8:45 being everything we love about his sound wrapped up into one neat package.

It’s hard not to fall head over heels for his soundscape with the slick guitar riffs melting into the buoyant beats that gets your head bopping with ease as his simple yet profound vocals glide across it all like a Swan coming into land. He’s a refreshing musician who’s consistently finding ways to push how far his songwriting, sonic identity and own vocal ability can go, which means no matter what you’re always going to get something fascinating when he drops a track. He’s building his sound from the ground up, he’s got the foundation all set up and now he’s looking to build a skyscraper. Keep an eye on this one as the world is currently sleeping on him.

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