Laica – Childish / Sanctuary

With a dual release of two stellar singles that show off the versatility of her artistry, the glorious Filipina pop phenomenon Laica is continuing to show us why she’s one of the hottest prospects in the pop world with her bold, adventurous and honestly addictive soundscape. Past releases have featured intoxicating ear worms that you end up singing so much your friends begin to know the tune and emotive ballads that’ve left many crying on the floor in a puddle of their own sadness, we’re slowly beginning to wonder if there’s anything she can’t do within her music. I think this dual release is only cementing that point further.

We open first with Childish, a straight-talking forthright anti pop number about wanting to grow whilst your partner remains stuck in their childish ways, meaning moving on never felt so easy. It remains confident and empowering whilst expressing her own wishes to improve the parts of herself she knows aren’t perfect and the general sound is reminiscent of her work back in early 2020, showing how far she’s come in such a short space of time. Seriously the leap is extremely impressive and inspiring for any artist out there.

Then we’ve got the follow up in Sanctuary which is the complete opposite, steering away from hard-hitting lyricisms, this number is all about the blissful tranquility of introversion. Featuring a rather jubilant production of coruscating synths and melodic vocals, this track captures the joy of escaping the world for a few brief hours and giving yourself some well needed ‘you’ time. It’s a difficult task to not smile from ear to ear as this track plays on.

Two tracks and two home runs, Laica is keeping up the momentum she had in 2020 and looks like she’s on her way to pop domination.

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