Two Fang – Toughen Up

After growing up in an extremely religious setting the artist Two Fang was never given the opportunity to explore her sexuality like so many are today, but after moving to LA everything changed for her. She discovered her attraction to women after finally being able to ask herself tough questions about her own identity, whether it be regarding her sexuality, fashion or personality which lead to her realising who she truly is. She embraced her new found selfhood for all it was worth, experiencing the feeling head over heels in love with someone, her heart shattering into a million pieces and discovering that she was a lot tougher than she originally believed. Now she’s honouring her one year anniversary of this transition with the release of her debut single that is as unique as her.

Toughen Up is an empowering number that encourages us to never back down, fight for ourselves and never let people silence you, instead be as loud as a cacophony of thunder in a rolling storm. Her quirky toned vocal effortlessly adds high levels of charisma to the soundscape of abrasive and hard-hitting beats as she invites us into her unorthodox world of honey drizzled melodies with a futuristic edge coating it to make it feel like something you’d see in the Star Wars universe. Two Fang’s debut is her introducing herself to the world and letting us know she’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

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