Max Armfield – JUNKIE 4 U

When lockdown struck the UK it caused a lot of unrest, nervousness and fear on what the future would hold, but Max Armfield didn’t let these thoughts cloud his head and instead focused on growing his fanbase to the next level. He began releasing a plethora of YouTube videos with content that ranged from original songs and unplugged versions of said songs to covers or paying a rapper on fiverr to ghost write a song for him. He grew a small but loyal fanbase who loved his music as well as his charming personality so, as expected, the streams began to rise with his last release just hitting 100K and his follow up could definitely hit those same heights.

With a pulsating bass rhythm that’s reminiscent of Nirvana’s in tracks like Dive and a thumping drum that propels the track forward, JUNKIE 4 U instantly has high replay value. The track was co-produced by other high flying UK talent Artemas and this collaboration really is a match made in heaven with the subtle nuances of the production matching the emotive tone of Armfield’s songwriting perfectly. No double this won’t be the last we hear of him.

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