Ponette – Breathe

Oslo based Ponette has been a regular mainstay on our playlists with their dark glitched out productions combining with their grunge styled attitude to form a pulsating electronic soundscape that swiftly saw them become an underground club favourite in their home country of Norway. Their versatile soundscape has seen them go from raw eruptions of frenzied anger that collides with their euphoric vocal to form a euphonic explosion to the other end of the spectrum with calm soothing numbers that serve as a heartfelt lullaby that makes you feel safe within their music. Tackling a wide range of subject matters, they have music for every whatever mood you’re in and that’s what gives them high replay value.

They just dropped their debut album Nude today, a stunning collection of songs that were inspired by their lead singers heart wrenching break up and deals with the aftermath of anxiety, insecurity and confusion. It was the track Breathe that encapsulated this entire project for me with the pain she felt oozing out of these gut-wrenchingly raw lyrics that provide devastating blow after devastating blow over a swirling chorus of flourishing electronics. This dynamic soundscape is something to be admired and if you adore this track then do check out the album as it is truly stunning.

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