Jonny West – NUMBER


With a rare candour that might makes his music too relatable for his own good, the Californian musician Jonny West has proven time and time again to be a master songwriter with his storytelling giving an intimate portrayal into the inner workings of his mind. Filled with earth shattering emotion and heart-wrenching expressions, it’s quite clear to see how he pours his soul into his music with the narrative he crafts playing out like a movie in your mind where you get to bare witness to the journey he effortlessly takes you on. He forms a perfect storm of emotion that pulls you in and lets you just experience a melancholia that is completely unfiltered, raw and authentic whilst offering a moment of catharsis.

Nothing shows this off more than his latest release NUMBER, a track which manages to switch effortlessly between being a swooning love ballad, complete with his celestial falsetto, to a poetic rap track with his deep vocal providing a mesmerising contrast that has the hairs on the back of my neck standing up. His lyrical storytelling is something to be enamoured by as he lives his truth and freely expresses it within this sonic universe in such a way that you’ll soon find yourself wanting to live there with him. He’ll have you crying your eyes out in no time.

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