harry was here – Pet Giraffe

Lockdown has lead to some very lonely times for a lot of us and we’ve all tried a multitude of ways to make this feeling fadeaway, be it the quizzes that everyone seemed to do at the start of lockdown, consistent memes sent to group chats or coming up with creative solutions to keep your days filled with indoor activities. All valiant ideas, however the most creative one goes to harry was here to make up an imaginary giraffe friend to become his own little confidant. His move to LA already felt rather lonely but throwing COVID into the mix only heightened these feelings, but it did help him think about who he is and who he wants to be as a musician, with his giraffe always by his side.

Pet Giraffe is all about this little sidekick he envisioned for himself and despite the theme being rather quirky and fun, the lyrics focus on the more raw turbulent struggle that came from this loneliness. It’s what Harry does best, he dissects the subject matter until he discovers the emotional crux that everyone feels and makes sure we all understand the pain, suffering and turmoil he’s undergone to the point where we see ourselves within the story. His solemn vocals glide over the melancholia production of emotive guitars and somber beats to make this track perfect for rainy days where you just want to live in your emotions.

“Wrote this song on a bad day and it turned out to be one of my favorites to date. It’s about feeling so lonely you start making up imaginary friends, in my case a pet giraffe. Not sure if it was COVID, or the move to LA or both but last year was a pretty lonely time, which directly inspired a lot of thought about who I am as an artist and who I want to be.”

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