Eph See – the pill

We all have that inner monologue inside ourselves that serves as our very own narrator in the story that is our life, but sometimes that voice inside our head decided to give us a flashback to our adolescence that sees us look at that time with a new perspective. This whole theme is what inspired the Boston born and bred musician Eph See in their latest track the pill, embracing their past but looking at it through a self reflective lens where they’re able to locate their own misfortunes, amusing thoughts of stardom that would lead to a senior falling head over-heels for them and the effects that taking the pill had on them.

More than anything this is a raw and authentic coming of age track that doesn’t hide behind the cinematic glamour that most movies depict teenage adolescence as. The stripped back bedroom pop production of lullaby guitar melodies and atmospheric beats makes their genuine narrative on adolescence all the more compelling as we get brought back into the world of high school, seeing ourselves in the story they tell. If you’re a fan of the likes of Phoebe Bridgers then I’d hop onto Eph See, no doubt they’ll feature in an A24 soundtrack in the near future.

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