Willow Kayne – Two Seater


In one fluid motion, the Bristol born musician Willow Kayne brings you into her surreal acid tinged world of lucid melodies, unfiltered confident lyrics and expressive vocals that forms a distinct soundscape which radiates creative ingenuity. From her humble beginnings of uploading freestyles onto Soundcloud, her restless creativity saw her continue to push herself sonically with production masterminds like Pharrell being her inspiration, but she also developed a distinct aesthetic thanks to fashion design icons like Nigo. She found inspiration wherever she could before pooling it together to form a creative identity that is unlike any other and promptly made her one of the most vivid and expressive artists in the UK scene.

Her debut Two Seater isn’t just an introduction, it’s a statement of intent. Her rap infused pop melodies throw usual genre conventions straight out the window and into he fire as the thumping bassline propels the piece forward through the hazy 90’s inspired soundscape her vocals leap across. The spontaneity of her sonic identity is fascinating as you never know what she’s going to do next. It’s exciting and this anarchist approach is what the future of music will be, an identity where nothing is off limits. She’s blazing a trail and showing us all that the future of pop will be anything but boring.

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