PHOEBE AXA – Young Blood


Underrated UK pop songstress PHOEBE AXA is an artist whom we’ve sung our praises for countless times with her honest musings exploring her identity as she begins to enter adulthood whilst sharing her own anxieties that have manifested during this defining period of her life. With a Jack Antonoff inspired production of expressive pop melodies that wriggle their way so deep into your head you’d require an excavation crew to remove them and an effervescent pop vocal that showcases her personal lyrics, she’s becoming a young pop prodigy who could rise to the heights of Tate McRae, which makes sense considering she opened for McRae. Now with the release of her debut EP Wisdom Teeth Pt.1 she’s giving us pop queen realness, particularly in the youthful pop Young Blood.

This is an anthem for youth, it’s about your closest platonic relationships where, when you’re with them, you feel totally free, like nothing in this world is holding you back. As the compelling pop melodies plays, memories come flooding back of running through the streets laughing about nothing and everything at the same time, nights spent creating memories that last a life time and talks where your demons are on full display but no one cares. Whether you’re 15 or 50, this song will capture your imagination and, as AXA walks through the desolate streets of closed London Theatres, reminds us that those times aren’t far away from happening again.

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