Hudi – die with a notepad


22 year old Hudi continues to craft heart-on-sleeve driven narratives that pierce through us like a dagger in the chest. His unfiltered musings on his own heartbreak consistently strike a chord with listeners with his multifaceted soundscape of shifting sonic landscapes bringing you into his sonic world that he’s been crafting since he was a teenager working in Garage Band. The New York native knows how to make songs to soundtrack your next heartbreak, whether it be a break up anthem where you’ll be crying in your bedroom or a revenge anthem that’ll see you’ll be belting it out whilst raising your middle finger directly to the sky. However today it’s more of the former with die with a notepad having a Justin Bieber vibe to it with more of an alternative edge.

A minimal production of stripped down ambient beats creates a chilled out lullaby like atmosphere that puts the spotlight on his pensive lyrical storytelling which will easily pull at your heart strings with lines like, “I just hope you keep me closest.” His infectious emotional vulnerability draws you in as the narrative he weaves resonates and gives you flashbacks to your own heartbreak and his sweetly auto-tuned vocals bring them to life. He’s one hit away from becoming all anyone can hear on their Tik Tok for you page.

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