Olive Amun – Bad Dreams

The name Amun derives from old phrases meaning ‘the hidden one’ or ‘invisible’ and after every release the Australian artist Olive Amun is demonstrating how he is the complete opposite of his namesake because pretty soon the whole world will know his name. We praised his previous release Blues to no end because of his undeniable candour and ability to weave a lyrical narrative that makes you feel like you’re having a movie play out in your mind, genuinely his songwriting is that good. Now with a plethora of fans like Zane Lowe and Triple J, he’s looking to make his mark on the industry and his latest release should help him with that endeavour.

Bad Dreams details a toxic relationship with Amun showing off his lyrical wit through his pensive storytelling that the upbeat yet melancholia toned production puts emphasis on with a chaotic undertone that makes the narrative feel all the more real. His fervent vocal packs an almighty punch that lands blow after blow as the soundscape of R&B infused alternative pop with a subtle hip hop edge provides the perfect backing to make the distress he feels all the more relatable. Australia’s hottest musical prospect continues his stellar form.

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