marinelli – Pity Party

Rapidly rising L.A based musician marinelli is one of the most exciting producers around with him revolutionising what we consider pop and defining a new generations sonic palette through his collaborations with rising talents like Wallice, spill tab and Julius, to name but a few. He’s becoming a household name among music industry execs with his fascinatingly distinct sound creating luscious sonic portraits on whatever subject matter he wishes to tackle head first like a prime NFL player. He’s the one who in five years time we’re all going to look back on and realise just how much he’s done for the current music soundscape, mark my words on that.

Coming in at just over 90 seconds, Pity Party remains short but sweet with an infectious production of shifting sonic melodies that come crashing together in a collision of magnificent proportions that is filled with unrivalled charisma and distorted sonic worlds. The loud abrasive soundscape reflects the message of the piece as marinelli’s vocals fill the track with unparalleled amounts of personality that we’ve become accustomed to with his sonic identity as we get taken on a rollercoaster ride of nothing but highs. Addictive, intoxicating and enthralling, overall this is another home run by an artist who’s never missed a beat.

“I wrote it last April when I was having to deal with not seeing my friends. I did a lot of reflecting on my social habits around then and decided that I didn’t have to let social anxiety rule my life anymore, and because of that this song will always be special to me!!”

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