Julius – take me to the moon


Using music as his own therapeutic outlet, the LA based musician Julius creates music that offers a moment of catharsis for all as he overwhelms us with high amounts of emotion that allows us to open up our mind and soul for a moment of pure vulnerability that is rarely experienced. The pressures of the world around us melt away as his lucid melodies wrap themselves around us in a bear hug and his tender lullaby-esque vocal coos us into a blissful coma of peace. Whether it be moments in our life that are good or bad, Julius has a song to soundtrack it, and to think this wouldn’t of happened if his mum hadn’t sung him to sleep when he was a kid.

Produced by Marinelli, so you already know this going to be a bop, take me to the moon makes an instant connection through his heart-on-sleeve lyrics that feel like they’ve come straight out of a Nicholas Sparks novel with his touching narrative. The melancholia atmosphere makes the emotion of his solemn vocal all the more powerful with the minimal production style giving the piece an intimate touch to make it seem like he’s sat down pouring his heart out to you in your living room. He’s raising his artistic talents to new heights.

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