The Stacks – Chicon


Providing a much needed serotonin boost, the Texas based trio The Stacks are the epitome of feel good music with their latest single Chicon instantly grooving its way into our hearts and making us want to dance like nobody is watching. The ear worm of a track is young, wild and utterly carefree with blasé melodies dancing across a sunny dispositioned soundscape with a jaunty groove that gets your head bopping as the euphoria soon sets in and has you smiling from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat. You’ve even got some charismatic vocals that merrily join the buoyant soundscape to give you a sonic experience that is nothing short of intoxicating.

Their music is the vibrant joy we need in this currently monotone world. Everything about their sound is fun, even the music video, which was filmed in the dead of night, is so utterly joyous that even watching it will make you want to go out and dance with the street lights shining down upon you without a care in the world. They might be playing bedroom pop to bare walls right now but soon those walls will turn into packed crowds.

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