Doren – CALL ME

Do you ever have those moments where you’re listening to a song for the first time and the world around you seemingly stops for a few brief moments as you become enthralled in a sonic experience that makes you feel like you’re witnessing the birth of an icon? Well, in one fatal swoop, the New York city based queer musician Doren did just that with his euphonically masterful debut single. He does what legendary artists of the city before him have done and breaks the usual genre conventions, fusing together rap, rock, hip hop and R&B to create Frankenstein like soundscape that is so distinctively peculiar but so unorthodoxly beautiful at the same time.

One half Bon Iver and one half Brockhampton, his debut CALL ME starts with a blissfully emotive opening with tranquil melodies highlighting the poignant tone of his vocal crooning poetic lyricisms over an ambient soundscape that sends shivers down my spine. Then an alarm clock goes off and we’re launched into a frenzied eruption of cataclysmic guitars and pounding beats that form a cacophony that amplifies his intense yet sincere lyrical deliver to new heights and leaves me consistently guessing what’s going to happen next. It’s the sonic equivalent of a rollercoaster ride, taking up and down on a crazy ride that leaves you with a rush adrenaline and wanting to have another go.

Doren’s got that special something that’ll help him become a future icon.

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